Ice Grey

SKU: D217-1

Extra Features

E0, Fire-Resistant, Moisture-Resistant, Standard


2100 x 2800 mm



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Glossmax Pro

GLOSSMAX PRO high gloss panel is a wooden panel with a decorative glossy surface, which is produced by applying glue and UV acrylic lacquer onto the surface of melamine-coated MDF or Particle Board through various industrial processes with advanced and unique technology. Higher surface quality and impressive glossiness has been achieved with minimized surface effects thanks to the Calender Coating Inert technology. After the chemical curing of the Polymeric glue (hot coating) process, which provides not only physical but also excellent chemical adhesion to the melamine-coated surface, a superior surface is obtained by applying lacquer with respect to cutting quality and workability compared to other glossy surfaces.



High Gloss

Mirror Effect

Stain resistant

High Scratching Resistantance


Superior Surface Quality

Easy Clean


Usage Areas

Suitable for kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet, bedroom, rail cabinet, teen room, office furniture, decoration, and all modular products indoor usage.

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